The farmhouse was built between 982 and 1394 and was inhabited by that time by Berenguer del Bell Solà. In its more recent history has shown that played an important rôle for the Republic and then civil war.

The Hiding place of Garbo, ths spy that deceived Hitler:


Joan Pujol Garcia, the man known as El Garbo, has gone down in history as the double agent that deceived Hitler and had a key role in the outcome of the Second World War. Pujol was given the nickname Garbo by Winston Churchill, because he thought he was as good an actor as Greta Garbo. He worked as a double agent, and the Germans believed he was a counterintelligence agent infiltrated in the UK, an led them to believe that the D-Day in Normandy would take place a few days later and in a different place. As part of “Operation Fortitude” he was entrusted with the task to

provide misinformation and convinced Hitler that D-day would take place at Pas de Calais, 250 milles from where it actually took place on the beaches of Caen in Normandy, in the scope of operation “Overlord.”

When the Führer took rectifying actions, the positions of the allied troops were already too deep into the territory and thus the Nazi defeat became inevitable Before being a spy, Joan Pujol lived for some time in Sant Joan de les Abadesses in a farmhouse, El Solá, in which before the civil war, the Republicans had established an agricultural cooperative. He worked there as a professor. The moment the civil war started, he deserted not to be drafted in any of the factions, as he in fact had no defines political ideas.

He then remembered that “masia” (traditional catalan farmer`s house) by the railway line, surrounded by forests and mountain paths that could lead to an easy access to the french border, and decided to make it its hiding place there the necessary time.

Garbo’s hideout is a small stone vault of about 6 m2, which is under the house with access through the roof because it had no door. The current owner of the house Lina, discovered shortly before inhabiting it that also Lister and his battalion was camped at the house in early March, 39 forgetting a military coat, still in the house, that was left hanging from the same nail under a terrace for almost 60 years. All these events reminded Lina that all his mother’s family also sought shelter the night of February 8, 1939 in a farmhouse in the area, and discovered shortly after that it was in fact the same, after her mother’s sister recognized it, a fact twice confirmed by the house Republican past.